once a fuck boy, always a fuck boy

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Anonymous said: What restaurant do you work at?

ask me not on anon :*

I’m never having kids because kids are the worst and I hate them HARD but I do want a house with a big yard and like 6 dogs and those will be my babies instead

(hardcore dude on stage) this goes out to every dude who ever got dissed by a girl (feedback swell) its called what the fuck whyd you diss me everybody get the fuck up sing along if you know the words(scrawny dudes are already piling up before the song has started)

The girls I work with are fucking weak I can’t be here I have never been around people with such thick mentals I’m fucking pained

My shift tomorrow is from 10 am to 10 pm

The thought of working tomorrow is making me want to cry I do not want to do this


I’m watching To Catch A Predator and I’ve never really seen this show but it is killing me

"So you’re lying to us…."
“No I swear she told me she was 17…18…”
“Except I read your chat logs and you’re lying to us”
“Oh…you did…oh ok ya she’s 13….”

I’m seeing Paramore for the first time ever tomorrow

My 7th grade heart is screaming let me tell you

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